Welcome to repovski.com, an online comic art experience! My name is Peter Repovski. I was born in Toronto, Canada in 1970. I became interested in comics and started drawing at a very young age. My parents always said I was born with a pencil in my right hand and a hammer in my left hand (in my civilian life, I morph into a finishing carpenter.) I'm a devout hockey fan (I was a puck-stopper for almost two decades) and a bigger comic book fan and have been inking comic books since 2001.

I am a traditional inker, and believe that the brush and pen are truly mightier than the sword (or the computer - take note all you digital imposters of inking!) My tools of choice include the 8404 Raphael Kolinsky Sable # 2 brush; # 102 and 108 crowquill tips, Pelikan Drawing Ink A # 17 Black, a full line of Staedtler technical pens and a variety of circle and elliptical templates. I also find uses for Sharpies, razor blades and toothbrushes to achieve desired effects.

My biggest artistic influences are John Buscema, Jack Kirby and John Romita Sr. (Pencilers) and Tom Palmer and Joe Sinnott (Inkers.) Other artists whose work I greatly respect and admire are Neal Adams, Gene Colan, Will Eisner, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Joe Kubert, Alex Raymond and Bruce Timm. I also hold a special admiration for the painted works of Joe Jusko, Gray Morrow, Norman Rockwell and Alex Ross.

While growing up, I read a number of comic books including The Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Marvel Team Up and The Mighty Thor. Once in a while, Ghost Rider, Ms. Marvel, The Avengers and Moon Knight caught my attention, also. Yes, I know what you're thinking...they are all Marvel titles! I have no explanation. In more recent years I discovered the hidden treasures Tomb of Dracula and Howard The Duck (again, inexplicably, published by Marvel.)

I would like to mention, for the benefit of all aspiring inkers, that Gary Martin's book "The Art of Comic Book Inking" provided invaluable information when I was striving to break into comics in early 2000. All aspiring inkers (whether traditional or digital imposters) should read this book to gain further insight into the hugely misunderstood art form known as inking.

For those who are interested, below is a list of all my published credits.

Anyways, I've rambled enough...enjoy the tour of my website!


Nitro Comics (2012)

Ultimate Pinup Collection one shot - interior pages

MR Comics (2006)

Deluge # 1 - cover and interior story art

Dark Horse Comics (2003 - 2004)

Fused # 2 - cover and interior story art
Fused # 3 - interior story art
Fused # 4 - interior story art
Fused TPB - pinup art (pencils and inks)

Slave Labor Graphics (2003)

GloomCookie # 17 - interior story art

Arcana Studios (2002)

Ant # 1 - cover and interior story art
Ant # 3 - cover art

Penny Farthing Press (2001 - 2002)

Decoy: Storm Of the Century TPB - pinup art
Decoy # 1 (vol. 2) - pinup art
Decoy # 2 (vol. 2) - pinup art
Decoy # 3 (vol. 2) - pinup art
Zendra # 2 (vol. 2) - back story art and pinup art
Zendra # 3 (vol. 2) - back story art
Zendra # 4 (vol. 2) - pinup art
Zendra # 5 (vol. 2) - back story art and pinup art
Zendra # 6 (vol. 2) - back story art
The Victorian: Self Immolation TPB - pinup art